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Private Practice Development

Private Practice Start-Up Services

Most services are provided on an hourly basis. An initial deposit (retainer) of 50% of your package estimate is required prior to the start of services. 

The remainder of the fees will be invoiced for services prorated in 15-minute increments once a month. 

Step I.  Initial Start-Up Call 

Overall Strategy Call - We will discuss your professional goals and help develop a corresponding timeline. 


Step II.  Business Setup Consultation: 


We will provide you with education and information to complete your business formation and registration on your own. 

Education may include:

Review of Federal, State & Local Laws

Review of Malpractice Insurance Requirements & Options

Corporate Formation Assistance *

Legal drafting of Article of Incorporation /Organization

Business License Assistance *                                                                                                              

NPI Types 1 & 2  

Additional State and Federal Filing Fees May Apply*

Option 2: 

We compile all your formation documents for you. 

You will still be required to sign your formation. 


Step III. Branding Assistance - done concurrently with Step 2. 

Consultation on the domain name, logo, branding

Website domain purchase* 

Private domain registration* 


Custom G-Suite email box with BAA

External hosting, email &domain fees apply *


Step IV.  Telepsychiatry Video Software 

Review of possible Telepsychiatric software options (ex., VSee)*

Review of Telephone/Messaging Service Options* 

BAA and HIPAA requirements review 

Development of and Forwarding of contracts (if needed) 

Secure Document uploader options and selection 

External fees and contracts will apply*

Step V. Web Presence

Services may include: 

Integration EHR, Patient Portal, and Video software into the website if appropriate*

Setup of billing and scheduling platforms and/or EHR integration 

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Current Social Media Integration into the website (if applicable) 

Custom Business Social Media Creation (ex. Facebook Business Page, Instagram, TikTok) 

Full interactive website design available for additional fees*


Step VI: New Patient Paperwork Customization 

PDF versions of forms are suitable for print, EHR upload, or online Form Providers. 

Forms may include but are not limited to: 

Informed Consent General and/or Telemedicine 

Medical History

Psychiatric History

Intake Forms

Letter Head

Practice Patient Policies (Late cancel, no-show, insurance authorization)

Insurance Verification Forms (if applicable)

Credit Card Consent form (Cash-only, Out-Of-Network)


Step VII.  Website & Social Media Training: 

Consultation and education for website self-maintenance 

Review of Social Media Algorithms for Instagram and Facebook

Private website maintenance plans available for an extra monthly fee 

Step VIII. Insurance Credentialing / Recredentialing: 

Medicaid/Medicare initiation or opt-out

Private insurance credentialing 

Step IX.  Advertising and Marketing:

May include the following: 

Geographical needs assessment to identify the target audience

New Practice Introduction Cold Calls

Emails to Local and State Providers 

Social Media Advertising 

Additional Add-On Services:

Work/Life Balance Coaching with Dr. Pennington, DNP 


  • 1:1 weekly or monthly personalized coaching to walk you step by step through your private practice development and ongoing management.

  • Purpose and Passion Assessments to ensure your new business aligns with your ongoing goals and vision.

  • Learn skills and techniques to cope with the ups and downs of solo entrepreneurship. 

  • Stress Reduction Coaching

  • Overcoming Perfectionism While Maintaining a Positive Outlook on the Future. 

 Human Resources Options

  • Recruitment of Collaborating or Supervising physicians if needed

  • Recruitment, hiring & training of virtual support staff (CMAs, Office Managers, scheduling & secretarial support, etc)

  • Recruitment, hiring & training of additional clinical staff

  • Creation of company and employee handbooks, policy manuals for specific for telepsychiatry, employee training manuals, risk management support/training/manual (requirement of some malpractice insurance carriers)


Day-to-Day Ongoing Practice Management Options

  • Daily practice focused & branded social media posts (increase visibility to your target audience)

  • Weekly Website Blog updates (for best SEO performance)

  • Return phone calls, warm scheduling of patients (live person vs online scheduling) complete paperwork (PAs etc)

  • Networking for new referral sources & revive existing sources

  • Networking/marketing for new providers to join your practice



Billing Practice Management Options

  • Submission of insurance claims, denial review, and updates, best practice billing strategy sessions (coding and note completion)

  • Superbill creation of OON benefits

  • Credit card processing for cash-only


how to start a private practice

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