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The Full Story
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner turned Policy Advocate and CEO

Collaborative Physician Partners (originally established under the DNP Consulting brand) was founded over a decade ago by Dr. Renee Parisi (Pennington), NP. With nearly 20 years of experience in advanced practice nursing, Dr. Parisi has practiced in both Full Practice Authority and Restricted Practice states. Her journey in securing collaborating physicians has been a mix of supportive educational arrangements with wonderful physicians and challenging, unsafe working conditions at the hands of other collaborating physicians. These experiences fueled her passion for healthcare law and policy reform.

In 2012, Dr. Parisi's doctoral research centered on expanding Full Practice Authority and Transition to Practice Agreements. She frequently traveled to Washington, D.C., collaborating with policymakers, senators, representatives, and healthcare providers to address healthcare access gaps across various states. After earning her Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP), she founded DNP Consulting and subsequently launched the Collaborative Physician Partners Program.

Collaborative Physician Partners is dedicated to fostering enduring collaborative relationships between Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and physicians, regardless of state-mandated supervision requirements. Our mission is to expand access to quality healthcare through these vital partnerships.

What is Full Practice Authority for APRNs?

Full Practice Authority allows APRNs to practice independently without physician oversite. FPA reflects advanced practice nursing as an independent specialty from the practice of medicine. While there may appear to be overlap (diagnosing and prescribing medications), the practice of nursing utilizes its own healthcare theorists and practice skill sets to provide holistic treatment to patients. 

What are Transition To Practice Agreements?

Transition To Practice Agreements is a compromise used in many states as a path to APRN FPA. These agreements require APRNs to practice under the supervision or collaboration of a licensed physician for 2 to 5 years (varies by state) before the APRN is allowed to practice independently. TTP agreements have been supported by many physicians and advocacy groups to narrow the perceived gap in nursing and physician education. 


CPP fully supports the use of Transition To Practice Agreements as a path to FPA and

we only work with physicians who feel the same way.

How It Works


Collaborative Physician Partners, LLC is a sister organization of  DNP Consulting, LLC.  CPP is a headhunting, recruitment, and payroll processing firm that assists Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses (such as Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists), in establishing and maintaining state-required collaborative or supervision relationships. CPP is a community partner of DNP Consulting, LLC, offering additional practice management services.

CPP understands the importance of clinical supervision, professional mentorship, and transition to practice agreements. We understand the shortage of healthcare providers has created an urgent and ongoing need to support Advanced Practice Nurses in their roles as primary and specialty care providers. 

How Our Service Works: 

ALL Physicians are in the independent practice of medicine. They are not employees or contractors of CPP.

Physicians set their own monthly fees. We charge a minimal fee per month in addition to the physician fee as a headhunting/recruiter fee. Our monthly fee gets bundled into the physician rate and APRN is invoiced the full amount each month. 

When an APRN hires CPP as their collaborating physician recruiter, the APRN is under no obligation to work with the physician that CPP presents you with, and if after the call you would like us to try to find you someone else we certainly can. 


Why We Charge a Monthly Fee:
Unlike traditional headhunting and recruiting firms that charge a significant upfront fee (typically 12%-20% of the first-year revenue), CPP operates differently. We charge a minimal, ongoing monthly fee for as long as you work with one of our affiliate physicians. This approach ensures continuous support and accessibility. Our fee is bundled right into your physician's fee so you will only be invoiced once per month

What Do You Get For Our Monthly Fee:

This includes work that has taken place before you ever meet your physician. This includes cold calling and/or advertising fees used to recruit your physician, our in-depth interview with the physician, and our background checks on the physicians' licenses. We work hard to find physicians who are APRN-allies and understand that many of the state supervision laws are antiquated. None of the Collaborative Physician Partners affiliated physicians should ever use derogatory terms like "mid-level provider" or "physician extender."

For Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Providers:

1. Submit your CV and statement of intent HERE.  Be sure to include the state in which you are requesting collaboration or supervision.

2. Your CV will be reviewed by our team and forwarded to physicians deemed appropriate based on physician specialty and state laws.

3. A video chat or phone interview will be scheduled with any interested physician.

4. You and the Physician will sign all state-required documents.

5. CPP will work with you and your physician to schedule any required recurring supervision sessions and chart reviews.

6. In addition to a monthly fee for the physician's time, APRNs may be responsible for paying any physician initial state licensing, state renewal, DEA, and/or malpractice insurance rate increase incurred by the physician directly related to your supervision/collaboration. This will be discussed in greater detail during your call. *Not all physicians require this additional fee*


For Physicians (MD/DO):

CPP-affiliated physicians are independent contractors of their respective NPs. These physicians have chosen to partner with CPP for ongoing management of their supervision caseloads.  All CPP-affiliated physicians continue to engage in the independent practice of medicine. 

1. Submit a statement of interest HERE.

2. CPP will forward you the CVs of APPs within your specialty or area of interest, requesting formal collaboration or supervision.

3. CPP will schedule an introductory interview between you and the APP through video. 

4. After your approval, CPP will compile any state-required documents and forward them to all parties for signature.

5. CPP will manage your supervision schedule, organize any charts for review, and other needed administrative tasks. 

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